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Connecting Flights

This year, I took advantage of my winter vacation and decided Bangkok would be a great way to do so.  Because the costs during winter and Christmas are always at a high, my girlfriend and I decided in order to cut costs a bit we should take an airline with the cheapest prices.  It is … Continue reading

Down The Kiso River

If you have ever been to Inuyama, then I’m sure you are familiar with the Kiso River.  Although I’m not living in Inuyama, I have visited on several occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed myself each time.  If you are looking for information on how to experience this then I’ll put a link at the bottom. … Continue reading

Kenrokuen Park

So I made a trip to Kanazawa yet again during Golden Week.  It was a successful trip to say the least and I was able to see a lot of my old friends.  We spent the first day at Kanazawa’s infamous, Kenrokuen Park. I went to this park for the first time three years ago.  … Continue reading

Another Day In Japan: Osu Kannon Temple

I finally made it to a nearby temple that I’ve been meaning to go to for a while now.  Osu Kannon Temple is right outside the subway exit for Osu Kannon city.  Although the sky was filled with clouds, the weather was perfect for a trip around the city. Within the temple grounds, there is … Continue reading

Golden Week

Golden Week is rapidly approaching and it seems that everyone is carefully preparing for the event.  I personally have prepared a trip to Kanazawa, a city in Ishikawa prefecture just off the coast of the Sea of Japan.  But prior to my trip I have a few days to kill which I’ll be spending my … Continue reading

A Stroll Through Flower Park

The cherry blossoms have now bloomed all over Japan.  People are constantly having 花見 (flower viewing) parties.  During this time, I was invited to go to my home away from home, Hamamatsu (Shizuoka prefecture).  With the help of my girlfriends mother, I was able to experience some of the beauty that fills Japan.  We made … Continue reading

Inuyama Festival 犬山祭

The Inuyama festival took place shortly after the sun went down.  Around 7:00pm the floats began to make their way down the street and dispersed in different directions.  Each float was decorated differently and on the back were characters that labeled each float.  The path of each float was also different because they would each … Continue reading

Inuyama Castle 犬山城

This weekend I went to the fairly well known Inuyama Castle.  For those who are unfamiliar, Inuyama Castle is held as one of the oldest castles in all of Japan.  It has avoided being destroyed by fires, earthquakes, wars, and age.  As a result of its longer lifespan, it has become more famous and well-known … Continue reading

Cultural Aspects

I’d like to begin by listing off some of the most common differences that may be noticed by foreigners when they first come to Japan.  Since my last post concerning a wide range of cultural differences had so many hits, I find it safe to assume that it is something many people can relate to … Continue reading

Takeshima 竹島

This past weekend I had not planned on doing anything special, but instead I was pleasantly surprised by two of my friends.  After work on Friday, I got a call from them where they asked if it would be okay to come to Nagoya.  I had some minor plans, but considering the circumstances I welcomed … Continue reading

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