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So over the summer I made a visit to the most isolated place I have ever been to in my life.  It was pretty amazing to see how things went on despite the fact that it was miles off the coast of mainland Japan.  It had a bank, a school, a bar, and souvenir shops.  … Continue reading

Osaka Aquarium 大阪海遊館

During my summer vacation, I managed to travel to a few of the biggest cities in Japan.  I’m sure you are fairly familiar with the capital and metropolis, Tokyo, but in addition to that I made reoccurring trips to Kyoto and Osaka.  In Osaka, one of the most hyped tourist attractions is the aquarium which … Continue reading

Gifu Fireworks

I’m a little late in writing this along with a series of other summer related blogs, but hopefully the pictures will warm you up as it begins to get colder outside. This time I’d like to talk about the festival I went to in Gifu Prefecture.  Gifu is adjacent to where I currently live and … Continue reading

Japanese Barbecue

With the summer coming to a close, my friends decided to put together a last of the year barbecue.  The weather is starting to change and things are cooling down from the usual 90 and humid summers that are typical in Aichi Prefecture.  The days are still pretty hot, but the nights are cool and … Continue reading

Another Day In Japan: Osu Kannon Temple

I finally made it to a nearby temple that I’ve been meaning to go to for a while now.  Osu Kannon Temple is right outside the subway exit for Osu Kannon city.  Although the sky was filled with clouds, the weather was perfect for a trip around the city. Within the temple grounds, there is … Continue reading

A Stroll Through Flower Park

The cherry blossoms have now bloomed all over Japan.  People are constantly having 花見 (flower viewing) parties.  During this time, I was invited to go to my home away from home, Hamamatsu (Shizuoka prefecture).  With the help of my girlfriends mother, I was able to experience some of the beauty that fills Japan.  We made … Continue reading

Atsuta Shrine 熱田神宮

This last weekend I made a trip to Atsuta Shrine.  It is one of the more famous shrines in all of Japan since it is said to be the resting place of one of the three most important regalia in all of Japan.  The three items consist of a sword, named Kusanagi, a jewel, yasakani … Continue reading

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland.  It’s funny that they call it Tokyo Disney when actually it’s located in Chiba.  Minor details anyways. Disneyland is a place where you can ride character themed rides and meet the characters in person.  Have you ever seen Mickey face to face?  Well if you have then it was probably at Disneyland, nothing … Continue reading

A Tokyo Vacation: 東京旅行

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities on the planet and is quite obviously identified as such.  Last weekend was the second time I’ve been to Tokyo in over 2 years and I had forgotten how hectic things can be.  Especially during Christmas time there is an abundance of travelers and sightseers in the city … Continue reading

Asakusa Temple: Sensouji

The temple in Asakusa consists of a variety of shops for tourists, three towering gates, a five-story pagoda, a separate shrine, and the main temple.  Originally, the temple had been built in the 600’s, but following WWII and the massive fires in Tokyo, the temple had been destroyed and rebuilt to model the original structure.  … Continue reading

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