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Wednesday’s with Taniguchisan

The title for this is a rip off of a book that many people are probably familiar with, “Tuesday’s with Morrie”.  Although my experience is far different from the book, the situation reminds me of somewhat relative circumstances. Every Wednesday for the past four months, I have been visiting with a retired Japanese English teacher.  … Continue reading

Spoken Japanese

I’m closing in on the 1 year marker of living in Japan.  I wish I could see a video of how I spoke Japanese before coming to Japan and then after.  It is difficult to judge your progress as you improve at a daily pace, the same as you can’t really see how quickly you … Continue reading

Japanese Culture 101

So for two weeks straight now I’ve made it to the city organized, Japanese class.  Through the class I am able to take free lessons from volunteers who give their time to improve foreign visitors Japanese skills.  There are several levels of classes and they are all piled into two or three rooms.  I’ve visited … Continue reading

Speaking A Foreign Language

There are a number of people in the world that are capable of speaking more than one language.  However, in the U.S. it is not nearly as common or sought.  Given that English is the primary language used throughout the world, it is not seen as such a desirable skill.  Instead, people decide to focus … Continue reading


Now begins my third month in Japan.  Things have begun to settle down and I am beginning to come into my new life.  I’m working 7 hour days Mon-Fri with minimal down-time.  Following work, I come home, make dinner, and sit down to watch some Japanese television or even stream some American shows via our … Continue reading

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