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Atsuta Shrine 熱田神宮

This last weekend I made a trip to Atsuta Shrine.  It is one of the more famous shrines in all of Japan since it is said to be the resting place of one of the three most important regalia in all of Japan.  The three items consist of a sword, named Kusanagi, a jewel, yasakani … Continue reading

Wait…There’s A MONKEY In My Bath!!

This is by far my favorite blog that I’ve had the chance to write.  I haven’t even begun and simply thinking about the pictures that are below is exciting enough for me.  Well anyway let’s get things rolling. This weekend I made a trip to Nagano.  I was inspired by another blogger’s pictures (who I’ll … Continue reading

Takeshima 竹島

This past weekend I had not planned on doing anything special, but instead I was pleasantly surprised by two of my friends.  After work on Friday, I got a call from them where they asked if it would be okay to come to Nagoya.  I had some minor plans, but considering the circumstances I welcomed … Continue reading

Just Around The Corner

Japan has a completely different approach when it comes to constructing a city.  In other words, they build up rather than out.  I’m sure you can imagine that if California were to contain over 120 million people, there would be a little more thought into where to put everything.  As a result, there are some … Continue reading

Happy New Years あけおめ

New Years eve was a bit relaxed considering the day before we met up with so many people.  In a group of about 17 people spread amongst 3 tables we decided to have fun and enjoy the last days of the year. On New Years Eve it is tradition amongst the group I was with … Continue reading

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland.  It’s funny that they call it Tokyo Disney when actually it’s located in Chiba.  Minor details anyways. Disneyland is a place where you can ride character themed rides and meet the characters in person.  Have you ever seen Mickey face to face?  Well if you have then it was probably at Disneyland, nothing … Continue reading

A Tokyo Vacation: 東京旅行

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities on the planet and is quite obviously identified as such.  Last weekend was the second time I’ve been to Tokyo in over 2 years and I had forgotten how hectic things can be.  Especially during Christmas time there is an abundance of travelers and sightseers in the city … Continue reading

Asakusa Temple: Sensouji

The temple in Asakusa consists of a variety of shops for tourists, three towering gates, a five-story pagoda, a separate shrine, and the main temple.  Originally, the temple had been built in the 600’s, but following WWII and the massive fires in Tokyo, the temple had been destroyed and rebuilt to model the original structure.  … Continue reading

Dating In Nagoya

Dating in Nagoya opens a door for a number of different adventures.  Nagoya is the third largest incorporated and fourth most populated city in Japan.  Surrounding the train station are skyscrapers, filled with businesses, restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping centers, etc.  Anything you could want is within walking distance from the main station.  In addition to … Continue reading

Fall in Shiga pt.2

The second day in Shiga was much like the first.  The only differences were we didn’t see a castle, but instead we saw shrines and temples.  Oh, it rained, too.  The trip to each shrine was no easy trip either.  It can properly be labeled as a hike. Both castles and temples are very different … Continue reading

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