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Connecting Flights

This year, I took advantage of my winter vacation and decided Bangkok would be a great way to do so.  Because the costs during winter and Christmas are always at a high, my girlfriend and I decided in order to cut costs a bit we should take an airline with the cheapest prices.  It is … Continue reading


So over the summer I made a visit to the most isolated place I have ever been to in my life.  It was pretty amazing to see how things went on despite the fact that it was miles off the coast of mainland Japan.  It had a bank, a school, a bar, and souvenir shops.  … Continue reading

Down The Kiso River

If you have ever been to Inuyama, then I’m sure you are familiar with the Kiso River.  Although I’m not living in Inuyama, I have visited on several occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed myself each time.  If you are looking for information on how to experience this then I’ll put a link at the bottom. … Continue reading

Wednesday’s with Taniguchisan

The title for this is a rip off of a book that many people are probably familiar with, “Tuesday’s with Morrie”.  Although my experience is far different from the book, the situation reminds me of somewhat relative circumstances. Every Wednesday for the past four months, I have been visiting with a retired Japanese English teacher.  … Continue reading

Osaka Aquarium 大阪海遊館

During my summer vacation, I managed to travel to a few of the biggest cities in Japan.  I’m sure you are fairly familiar with the capital and metropolis, Tokyo, but in addition to that I made reoccurring trips to Kyoto and Osaka.  In Osaka, one of the most hyped tourist attractions is the aquarium which … Continue reading

Gifu Fireworks

I’m a little late in writing this along with a series of other summer related blogs, but hopefully the pictures will warm you up as it begins to get colder outside. This time I’d like to talk about the festival I went to in Gifu Prefecture.  Gifu is adjacent to where I currently live and … Continue reading

Japanese Barbecue

With the summer coming to a close, my friends decided to put together a last of the year barbecue.  The weather is starting to change and things are cooling down from the usual 90 and humid summers that are typical in Aichi Prefecture.  The days are still pretty hot, but the nights are cool and … Continue reading

Last Train

It has been a while and I haven’t written anything, but I’d like to keep my family and friends updated on things going on seeing as I’ll be in Japan for what seems to be another 3 years give or take.  Here’s a fun story to show how ‘interesting’ my life is across the ocean. … Continue reading

Spoken Japanese

I’m closing in on the 1 year marker of living in Japan.  I wish I could see a video of how I spoke Japanese before coming to Japan and then after.  It is difficult to judge your progress as you improve at a daily pace, the same as you can’t really see how quickly you … Continue reading

A Kanazawa Wedding Party

During Golden Week I spent some time in Kanazawa.  In my previous blog you can see what I did during the day, but here is a little look into what I did during the night. I was able to experience my first Japanese wedding after-party.  Now, I come from a family that is always growing … Continue reading

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