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Japanese Barbecue

With the summer coming to a close, my friends decided to put together a last of the year barbecue.  The weather is starting to change and things are cooling down from the usual 90 and humid summers that are typical in Aichi Prefecture.  The days are still pretty hot, but the nights are cool and make for a perfect time to relax outside and enjoy some of the beautifully preserved nature in Japan.  The only thing is, barbecues in Japan don’t necessarily mean hamburgers and hot dogs, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then you might have better luck at McDonalds.

The area was a place called大高緑地公園(Oodaka-ryokuchi park).  It is less than 15 minutes walking distance from 左京山駅(Sakyouyama station) on the Meitetsu line from Nagoya.  The park was created post WWII and hasn’t been maintained much since it was built.  Despite this, the area is quite isolated and peaceful for people that are looking to cookout and enjoy some scenery.

Walking through the park you can see the pond with old fashioned swan boats, amongst others, drifting about the lake.

Upon reaching the actual cooking grounds I found myself spoiled by an abundance of meat and sea creatures.  I was quite excited about the meat, but the sea creatures had not caught my interest quite as quickly.

Since I’ve come to Japan I have eaten just about anything that I have been approached with.  Things that vary from horse meat, sea urchin, snails, fish eggs, tongue, intestine, skin, heart, cartilage, and on the list goes.  However, despite my greatest efforts to be open to new foods, not everything tastes great.

Although I may be somewhat hesitant when it comes to seafood, I can’t say that includes squid or octopus.  Those are possibly two of my favorite foods in all of Japan.

In addition to all of the food that we were presented with, we had the chance to converse with all of our friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery that parks in Japan have to offer.

On top of everything, I wasn’t the only one having fun while barbecuing.  Other families were enjoying the last few days of the summer along side of us which made it easy to make a few new friends.

After we finished all the food and drinks we headed back to civilization and went out for a few drinks.  Overall it was a good day.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for reading!

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I recently graduated from the University and am currently teaching English to all ages in Japan


2 thoughts on “Japanese Barbecue

  1. We usually enjoy a barbecue along the banks of the Nagara River in Gifu. I love how they cook just about anything in Japan on a BBQ including meat, fish, seafood and veggies. Back home in Oz it is just about the steak, lamb and assuages.

    Posted by Japan Australia | November 1, 2012, 1:28 am

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