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Atsuta Shrine 熱田神宮

This last weekend I made a trip to Atsuta Shrine.  It is one of the more famous shrines in all of Japan since it is said to be the resting place of one of the three most important regalia in all of Japan.  The three items consist of a sword, named Kusanagi, a jewel, yasakani … Continue reading

Cultural Aspects

I’d like to begin by listing off some of the most common differences that may be noticed by foreigners when they first come to Japan.  Since my last post concerning a wide range of cultural differences had so many hits, I find it safe to assume that it is something many people can relate to … Continue reading


As you may know it, care-ee-oh-key, is typically a one night once a week event at some bars that are looking to bring in more customers.  However, it is something much different from what people expect it to be when you come to Japan.  Although there are some bars that have karaoke set up for … Continue reading