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Wait…There’s A MONKEY In My Bath!!

This is by far my favorite blog that I’ve had the chance to write.  I haven’t even begun and simply thinking about the pictures that are below is exciting enough for me.  Well anyway let’s get things rolling. This weekend I made a trip to Nagano.  I was inspired by another blogger’s pictures (who I’ll … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Japan Style

Valentines Day is a day of flowers, chocolate, and love letters.  It is a day where couples can get together to enjoy the loving spirit that flows within them.  All around the world it seems that Valentine’s day is celebrated using the same general idea.  Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is much different than … Continue reading

Takeshima 竹島

This past weekend I had not planned on doing anything special, but instead I was pleasantly surprised by two of my friends.  After work on Friday, I got a call from them where they asked if it would be okay to come to Nagoya.  I had some minor plans, but considering the circumstances I welcomed … Continue reading

Adjusting To A New Culture

If you’re going to travel abroad, it is probably a good idea to research the cultural differences between your own country and the country you wish to travel to.  Seeing that Americans tend to assume the rest of the world changes to fulfill their needs, they can sometimes draw a lot of attention.  Anyway, that … Continue reading

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