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My home away from home.  I do not live in Kanazawa, I do not go to Kanazawa often, but when I’m in Kanazawa I can relax as if I have nothing to worry about.

Preface: Over two years ago, I came to Japan to visit my friend Keisuke and his family in Kanazawa.  It had been a pleasurable experience, but more importantly it had confirmed that Japanese was something I wanted to continue studying.  My interest in Japan began with a student who came from Kanazawa, Japan, and because of him I am where I am today.  I’m living a comfortable lifestyle, working at a job that makes me happy, I’m given the opportunity to study something I love everyday, and last but not least, I’m dating the girl of my dreams…出っ歯(Yuuki).  (The sentimental part ends here)

I went to Kanazawa about 6 weeks ago to see some old friends of mine, Keisuke being one of them.  I stayed with Kei’s family and was able to see his mom once again.  Setsuko, Kei’s mom, is not only wonderful in every way to me, she also doesn’t stress herself too much over me.  Although she takes care of me, she is plenty comfortable with me that she treats me like a son.  In other words, she forgets about me sometimes (just like my mom). 🙂

The trip began by spending about 5 hours or so with Setsuko while we waited for Kei to arrive.  He took a bus from Tokyo, which took 10 hours one way.   During the time we went to lunch and then to a small, 10-15 person, Karaoke/tea shop.  I had met the owner before with Setsuko, because two years ago the three of us went to a calligraphy class together.  Afterwards, we went back to the Miyamuru house and looked through picture albums while we waited.  When Kei came home we went out to dinner and had a chance to catch up on everything that happened over the past two years.  Kei’s dad and I have not talked at all over the past 2 years and were barely able to communicate during the first month that we met, so it’s easy to say we were able to talk as humans for the first time.

Notice the beer at the top.  No matter where I go with my friends families, I never have to order a drink because they always order a beer for me.  I’m not sure if I have a choice or not.

Kei with a baby? Nope, Kei with his dad.

Afterwards we went back home and fell asleep, because the next day we were going to a BBQ at a park in the mountains.

The next day was full of fun.  Food, beer, and being the only non-Japanese person in a group of 100 people my age.  It can be one of two things, everyone loves me, or everyone hates me.  Luckily I chose a country that is interested in English speakers. (I make my own luck)

While we were at the BBQ, I was able to see all of my friends from before.  The most memorable of course being Akira, because he was the one who spoke the first English sentence to me in Japan, “You are Champion!”  I took no time to process what it meant or what it was intended to mean, but could only assume it was one of the few English phrases he knew.  Again, at the BBQ he greeted me with those three simple words.

Kei and I decided it would be a good idea to bring some of America to Japan, beer pong!

Afterwards, we played “kickbase”(Japanese), or better known kickball(English) we decided to clean up and head to the next place.

The next place being a 飲み会 or restaurant with drinking specials.  I still haven’t fallen victim to peace signs very often.

We ended the weekend with seeing Setsuko perform at a Concert.  The lineup consisted of about 40 or so people and began with some children dancing to break the mood.  They were all no more than 4 or 5 years old which added to the already abundantly cute outfits.

Following was the first performer…Setsuko!!

Setsuko, my Japanese mother, was absolutely astounding.  It may be a bit cliche, but she was truly amazing.  She has a wonderful voice and I cannot wait to see her perform once again.

Kanazawa is a beautiful place, filled with peace and peace.  I could write a few blogs regarding the sights alone, but rather I’ll post some pictures from 2 years ago when I saw them.

I hope you enjoyed the read!

About travelnihon

I recently graduated from the University and am currently teaching English to all ages in Japan


6 thoughts on “Kanazawa金沢

  1. Looks and sounds like you’re having the time of your life Brad!!! Continue soaking in all the beauty, wonder, and love you are experiencing.

    Posted by marsha8of9 | November 9, 2011, 5:51 pm
  2. I just love the picture of Kei, as a baby, with his Dad. Kei now looks so much like his Dad did as a young man.

    Posted by Sue | November 9, 2011, 6:19 pm
  3. Always enjoy the read and the pictures are fantastic.

    Posted by Aunt Deb | November 9, 2011, 11:29 pm
  4. Long time no see!
    How are you doing?

    I like your pictures of Kanazawa, and I’m really glad to see you enjoyed a lot there.
    I’ve been to Ishikawa prefecture where Kanawawa is, but never been to Kanazawa,
    I know that many people travel to Kanazawa because it is very confy place in Japan.

    Posted by Fumina | November 17, 2011, 1:47 am
  5. kanazawa is my favorite town in japan. i went there like 5 times!

    Posted by jen eureka | December 7, 2011, 2:46 am

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