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A Lot of Nothing

This is, as the title indicates, a list of things that I’ve noticed as I was strolling around town.  The occasional cultural note will be included, but keep in mind there is no main focus. To start things off, this is a picture of my air conditioner/heater.  There is no central air in Japan, but … Continue reading


My home away from home.  I do not live in Kanazawa, I do not go to Kanazawa often, but when I’m in Kanazawa I can relax as if I have nothing to worry about. Preface: Over two years ago, I came to Japan to visit my friend Keisuke and his family in Kanazawa.  It had … Continue reading

Chubu University Festival中部大学祭

Well fall has arrived, but it does not seem to be in any hurry.  The leaves have begun to change colors, but the weather seems to have other intentions.  Every day is close to temperatures in the 70’s and I have yet to wear a jacket during the daytime.  As night approaches, warmer clothing is … Continue reading