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I went to Hamamatsu this weekend to visit Yuuki’s family and friends.  After being in Japan for nearly 2 months now I’ve grown accustomed to speaking nothing but Japanese outside of work.

I am finding it to be difficult to adjust to some of the customs in Japan.  While visiting Hamamatsu I was treated to dinners and Nomihodai’s(All you can drink)by friends and family alike.  In fact, it seems that whenever I go somewhere I am the center of attention.  I stick out like a sore thumb.  I can typically be considered the only foreigner(native English speaker) that anyone has spoken to in weeks or longer.  In addition to this attention, I am finding myself being treated by nearly everyone I meet.  I can’t seem to pay for a meal or even souvenirs for myself at times.  This may sound nice, but I’d rather not feel constantly in debt to my friends.

Yuuki’s friends also treated me to some of Hamamatsu’s nightlife.

Moreover, I was surprised Monday morning with a trip to a famous shrine in Ise.  It’s a beautiful park-like atmosphere, with an old aged model village set outside the shrine’s entrance.  Mieko, Masao, Cookie and I took an afternoon trip which led into the night due to traffic.  I would have taken more time on pictures, but I had felt a bit shy with my camera since it was my first trip with Yuuki’s parents alone.

Once again the trip had been “all-inclusive” which I had been trying to avoid since they help me too often as it is.

After the trip to Ise, Mieko and Masao were nice enough to take me home through 3 hours of traffic.  I was able to spend some quality time with my new bud Cookie.

This is my first ever blog so don’t judge me so harshly.  I’m not much of a writer and my pictures were not of the greatest caliber, however the experience was great.  Next time I’ll try to include higher quality photos and more cultural notes relating to my experiences.

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I recently graduated from the University and am currently teaching English to all ages in Japan


One thought on “Hamamatsu浜松

  1. i envy u right now. i really wanna go to japan… 🙂

    Posted by sherville7 | February 14, 2012, 7:32 am

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